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FAQS (Frequent Answers and Questions)

¿Should I need previous experience in Paddle surf?

No, you don’t need experience. We will teach you all you need to be
capable of handle the Paddle surf in order you can enjoy the activity.

¿What material should I bring to the trip?

Nothing special….only beach stuff, like swim suit, towel
and a cap or hat to protect you from the sun.

¿Do I need to be an adult?

No, there is no minimum age, you only need to know how to swim.
Minors (under 18) need to be accompanied by an adult or bring an
authorization signed by a legal tutor.

¿Is there a lifeguard?

95% of the beaches where the trips will start have a lifeguard (summer).
Also our instructors are qualified lifeguards.

¿Can I bring my own equipment (board, paddles…)?

SUPIBIZA’s trips and excursions will provide you suitable and first quality
equipment, all you need to have unforgettable and safe experience.

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¿How can I book and pay my trip?

You can send an email and we will confirm your booking by phone.
You will pay the activity by cash and € currency.

¿How long does the trip last?

The trips are about to hours and a half and three hours long.

¿Can I bring my own video or photo camera?

You can bring your own video or photo camera if they are water resistant.
It is your responsibility. Also the instructor will bring a waterproof camera
to take pictures of you and your friends, you will
find the pictures on this website and download them.

SUPIBIZA suggests not to bring any electronic device, so you can
row properly and enjoy the trip.

SUPIBIZA is not responsible of lost or damaged devices (phone, camera, watch, glasses…)

¿Where can I keep my personal effects?

SUPIBIZA recommends not to bring valuable effects but the instructor will bring
a water resistant bag where you can keep your car keys, cell phones or wallets.

¿Should I need to be in good shape??

It is not required to be in good shape because the trips are mostly quiet routes
in order to enjoy the most charming and bautiful places of the island.
Depending on your physical condition you will be more or less tired after the trip.
This is an activity that anyone can do no matter what.